Start accepting Visa

Become a Visa Merchant.
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Grow your business

Accepting Visa can help boost sales, increase efficiency and improve the checkout experience.

Simplify payments

Speed up transactions and let your customers pay the way they want to pay.

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Payment innovation

Visa is continually refining and expanding its global processing system.

Transaction security

Visa is committed to providing safe, reliable transactions.

Resources and tools for your business

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Contactless Payments

Now you can deliver effortless payment experiences to your customers at point of sale.

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Visa Installments

Offer your customers installment payment plans on an API-based solution or on existing international standards.

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Visa Direct

Visa Direct makes it possible for fast and secure payments to travel across the world.

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Visa compliance and acceptance guidelines

Becoming a Visa-accepting merchant is a straightforward process, and we’ll help you succeed. However, there are a few requirements you’ll need to know:
  • All Visa accepting merchants have a responsibility to adhere to all federal and state laws. As it relates to accepting Visa products, merchants must accept Visa products for legal transactions only.
  • Merchants that sell age-restricted products, such as alcohol and tobacco, must have in place processes and controls to ensure that all associated laws are honored.
  • Merchants should be aware that possession of a Visa card or submission of Visa account information does not signify that the cardholder is of legal age to purchase age-restricted products.
  • The issuance of Visa cards is not restricted to individuals over 18 years of age.