You want fast and secure. We have contactless.

Now you can deliver effortless payment experiences to your customers at point of sale.

Contactless payment for business

Contactless payments for business allow your customers to simply tap to pay–with a contactless-enabled card, mobile phone or payment-enabled device.


Why go Contactless?

Consumers are shifting to contactless payments Contactless symbol. because they make transactions fast and secure. Here’s how contactless payments for business can benefit you.

Illustration of greater than 34% circled partially overlapping computer display of contactless logo.

Contactless merchant materials

Illustration of storefront with award ribbon indicating 3 times more likely to think merchant is reputable.
Welcome sign indicating 2 times more likely to enter an unfamiliar store.

Compare technology

The future of fast, simple and secure payments at the point of sale

Quick Visa Smart Debit Credit (qVSDC) is a more secure way to accept contactless payments than Magnetic Stripe Data (MSD) contactless.

Contactless benefits table

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