Visa Direct¹ helps enable global money movement for individuals and businesses

Visa Direct can help you expand your business as far as you want to take it, with technology that powers over 60 use cases.²

Domestic peer-to-peer

Human connections work in real time,³ so should money. Split the bill with a friend or pay the person who fixed your phone with peer-to-peer (P2P) apps enabled by Visa Direct.

Cross-border⁴ remittances

Help families stay connected globally. Deliver funds directly into receipt accounts and through digital wallets.

Account-to-account transfers

Offer users an efficient way to move money between their different institutions with the real-time³ power of debit cards.

Payouts to workers

Help attract and retain workers and boost their satisfaction by providing fast and flexible access to their earnings through Visa Direct.⁵

Payouts to small businesses

Help give small business clients more control over their cash flow with fast access to sales revenue and funds.

Payouts to consumers

With Visa Direct, offer real-time³ payments to your customers so they can have fast and secure access to their travel reimbursements, gaming and lottery winnings, insurance claims and more.

Connect with 500+ partners that support Visa Direct transactions worldwide

Industries, from gig economy to travel, are enabling faster money movement for their workers and customers through Visa Direct.

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Visa thought leadership

Hear from Visa leaders about why businesses and consumers need a better global money movement network.

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